A wedge of hope.

Today I received the most amazing news thus far (besides knowing the twins are healthy and growing of course). I can wear wedges. *Smile and repeat* I can wear wedges!!!

When I told this news to my family, everyone hooted and hollared (probably because now they wouldn't have to deal with my hormones and heel withdraws), and immediately hopped on slx. It was there my eldest daughter Aimee recovered this little gem.


A fat pack, of 5 wedges, with prim toes!!! What more could I need?! I'll admit at first I was a little worried, I mean $199 for a fatpack, who has heard of such a thing. My beloved Moody's can run up to 10k for a fatpack. And although nothing can replace my Moody's, these little shoes are wedging their way in, pun intended.

Needless to say, today I begin a whole new, and much less frustrating challenge, searching for cute wedges, prim toes need only apply. Until tomorrow, you stay classy second life.

Hair: <TRUTH< Kami-Espresso Streaked
Skin: LAQ~Imani2-04 [Cocoa] Glow Skin
Outfit:  (CS) Narwa Dress-Zebra
Necklace: [MANDALA] KAGETORA necklace/black
Bracelet: [MANDALA] TAKARA bangle/ Silver leather Bright
Earrings: *Argrace* Eternity Studs
Shoes: LaRosa ChiXX Wedges No.3 Style 4

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In lieu of heels.

As you may have read in my first post, I have began shopping with a purpose. That purpose being staying stylish and classy, while pregnant.

Today I am rocking an updated version of your Grandma's favorite sweater, circa the Mr. Rogers days. I have been trying to get in mother mode by switching to dresses to sweaters and cozy cotton leggings. After rummaging the racks at Due. Fine Maternity Clothing, I decided I could go back to my regular stomping grounds, but just alter my target. I have always adored the Addict mainstore at Heartless city. Heartless city itself has always been the mecca of fashion for my particular style, I always manage to drain my husbands wallet with each trip, no matter how much I frequent the place.

The only thing they could use more of, is more FLATS. Since I have split my time between shopping for outfits, and furniture for the upcoming arrival, I have been rather distracted, and my emotions run high and I often get frustrated (babies to blame). So tomorrow my main focus will be scouting out more suitable stores, and hitting up the hair sale at Truth, because everyone knows we can never have enough hairstyles.

Until then, you stay classy second life.

Skin: LAQ Imani2-09 [Cocao] Glow Skin
Hair: <Truth< Vera Streaked - espresso (w/dark brown streaks)
Tank Top: *GC* Plain White Tank
Sweater: [LeLutka] Jade's slouching cardigan in Eggplant
Skirt: .:Shush:. Fluffy skirt white
Shoes: Freesoul white leather ballerinas
Necklace: [Addict] Doll Necklace
Bracelet: @~>~ PrettiFul ~<@ Charm Bracelet [Cupcake]

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The fashion pregnancy craves.

After learning of my pregnancy Sunday evening I was knocked over when the doctor told me 3 ghoulish words "NO MORE HEELS" I literally fainted right there. Heels have been my staple fashion for the past 2 years of existance. After the dread passed, a new though arose, I thought "What a great challenge!"

And so, I found myself searching for flats, I duh through my inventory, but much to my dismay, the flats I may have worn before falling in love with heels, were no longer acceptable flats for a lady of my taste. Finally, after hours of searching on various venues, I came across :::LiNe::: this fabulous little store, 463 meters in the sky. It was like a diamond in the rough, right as I entered I found a glorious sight, a small turnstile, with every color of flats known to woman. Simple and classy, yet stylish and eye catching. I grabbed a pair (or 4) and began to create an outfit around them.

So my look today, in the second full day of pregnancy, is a relaxed, yet fun little get up. I was born in the  1980's, and today I will pay homage to my decade with this cute little off the shoulder cotton wonder. As always I am dripping with diamonds and adorned with accessories.

Although originally my pregnancy cause more than cravings, I now have a new challenge to shop for. What fun is shopping without a style challenge? Until tomorrow, you stay classy Second Life!

Hair: <TRUTH< Tabatha Streaked-Night
Skin: LAQ~Imani2-09 [Cocoa] Glow Skin
Outfit: Due.Alex layered top - blue and pink. Due black leggings
Necklace: Eolande's Emo Strawberry Necklace
Bracelet: Cake Flea Market Bracelet 2
Lip Diamond: [AddiCt]Single Upper Marilyn Pierce
Shoes: :::LiNe::: Smile Flats in Pink

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